Project Description: 

PICSPAVE was specified for the recent paving refurbishment project adjacent to Les Augrès Manor, the 17th century manor house which sits in a site of medieval origin, within the grounds of Jersey Zoo. Since 1963 the Manor House has been home to the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust at Jersey Zoo. The new paving featured an area of approximately 150m2 of PICSPAVE Caesar Stone pattern imprinted concrete, which used a high strength structural concrete mix from Ronez, designed to be coloured and textured by imprinting the surface to replicate large slabs of natural stone. The coloured, durable and easily maintained surface complements the natural stone of Les Augrès Manor.

Project Requirements: 

Jersey Zoo Specified PICSPAVE to suit the zoo environment and surroundings. PICSPAVE ( is a 150mm thick slab of decorative concrete used widely to handle large traffic volumes across Zoos, Theme Parks and highly trafficked vehicle and pedestrian areas where longevity and simple maintenance are called for, and minimising the risk of trips and falls, which can be an issue with block paving or paving slabs as they move over time.

Products Used: 

  • Caesar Stone Textured Imprinting mats.
  • PICS Colour Surface Hardener in the colour ‘Tudor Brown’
  • PICS Release Agent in the colour ‘Mahogany’
  • Ronez PICSPAVE structural concrete mix.


  • Client – Durrell Wildlife Conservation Park (Jersey Zoo)
  • Contractor – Premier Landscapes & Concrete Services Ltd
  • Concrete Supplier – Ronez Ltd
  • PICSPAVE Materials Supplies – PICS


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