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PICS provide an extensive range of technical support services, including assistance with design specification, providing case studies, practical advice and on-site support where relevant. Our technical team all have many years of hands on installation and experience which offers a depth of knowledge and detail. From product trials to toll blending, PICS can partner with your business at all levels.

Pattern Imprinted Concrete (PIC) – The Benefits for The End User

The PIC paving system is a high strength, extremely durable, grey concrete slab which, while soft, is coloured and then pattern imprinted with a design to resemble cobbles, bricks, stone and even wood! Unlike block paving, tarmac, gravel or paving slabs, PIC will not dip, sink or move and is weed free. It is the best paving system available.

In a nutshell, PIC has all the benefits of a good quality, well laid concrete slab but it looks attractive.

This weed free, stain resistant and minimal maintenance paving system is used across the world and available in a large range of colours and patterns. PIC has been used in the UK for over 4 decades and there are numerous installations in this country that were installed over 30 years ago and yet visually it would be difficult to determine if they were 35 years old or 5 years old!

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