Technical Support

PICS provide an extensive range of technical support services, including assistance with design specification, providing case studies, practical advice and on-site support where relevant. Our technical team all have many years of hands on installation and experience which offers a depth of knowledge and detail. From product trials to toll blending, PICS can partner with your business at all levels.

Pros of Printed Concrete

The Pattern Imprinted Concrete (PIC) system is built to last the lifetime of a building, with a design span of 50 to 100 years. Its seamless installation, using a colour surface hardener or dry shake, reduces cement usage compared to traditional block paving, cutting CO2 emissions and operational costs. With quick installation, improved drainage, and a focus on sustainability, PIC can be recycled at the end of its life. It incorporates up to 20% recycled aggregates and 30% alternative cement replacements from steel/iron foundry by-products, minimising environmental impact and offering additional benefits such as thermal heat storage and reflecting sunlight to cool urban areas.

Resource Downloads

Explore our extensive resource library provided below, where you'll find a rich and diverse collection of valuable materials and assets at your disposal.