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5 Reasons Why Pattern Imprinted Concrete Is The Perfect Choice

Are your customers dreaming of a stunning and long-lasting upgrade for their patio, driveway, or pool surround?..

4 weeks ago

Give Yourself More Time – Lay on Polythene

Those of you who do use polythene already will know it gives you a bit more time..

1 week ago

The 3 Simple Rules for Contraction Joint Placement

Although it is impossible to guarantee against cracking, the chance of random uncontrolled cracks is greatly reduced..

1 week ago

Pattern Imprinted Concrete – The Benefits for The End User

The PIC paving system is a high strength, extremely durable, grey concrete slab which, while soft, is..

2 months ago

Pattern Imprinted Concrete Colours: Explore a Spectrum of Inspiration

Dreaming of a stunning driveway, patio, or path that elevates your entire property? Look no further than..

4 weeks ago

A Visual Guide to Pattern Imprinted Concrete: Choosing the Perfect Pattern Design

Pattern Imprinted Concrete is a revolutionary material that transforms your outdoor space. It offers the stunning aesthetics..

2 months ago