Project Description: 

PICSPAVE was specified for the new paving for a number of pedestrian areas around the Zoo. Textured imprinted paving was installed throughout the Sun Bear Heights and Boulders Beach areas, including leaf and animal footprint imprints, designed to blend with the existing walling and rock work theming. The PICSPAVE decorative concrete also leads into adjacent themed areas including the Jaguar Jungle, African Penguins, Otter Rocks and into the Conservation Hub, using a combination of textured imprinted effects in complementary tones. Themed rock work was used as the bases for new animatronic dinosaurs in the recently installed World of Dinosaurs area, which were coloured and enhanced using pigments and Wallstains supplied by PICS.

Project Requirements: 

Paradise Zoo specified PICSPAVE to suit the Zoo environment and themed areas. PICSPAVE ( is a minimum 150mm slab of decorative concrete used widely across the sector to handle large foot and vehicle traffic volumes across Zoos and Theme Parks, where longevity and simple in-house maintenance are called for. To improve safety, and minimise the risk of trips and falls, PICSPAVE removes the issue of loose slabs, block paving movement or loose gravel suffering from vegetation occurring as they inevitably degrade over time.

Products Used:

  • Textured design Imprinting mats including leaf and animal prints
  • PICS Colour Surface Hardener & Release Agent in a range of colours
  • PICS High Solid Acrylic Sealer
  • Cemex PICSPAVE imprinting structural concrete mix design


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