Pattern Imprinted Concrete is a revolutionary material that transforms your outdoor space. It offers the stunning aesthetics of natural stone, pavers, or brick but with the affordability and durability of concrete. However, with a variety of patterns, textures, and colours available, your customer can feel overwhelmed to choose the perfect design for their home.

This visual guide should help you and your client navigate the exciting world of Pattern Imprinted Concrete and select a design for their project that complements the style and personality of their home. Below is a selection of examples, which highlight the substantial number of patterns available to choose from.

Ashlar Slate

A touch of nature, elevated. This pattern captures the essence of slate with its subtle textured variations, reminiscent of naturally occurring formations. This offers timeless sophistication that seamlessly complements a variety of architectural styles, from the warmth of traditional homes to the clean lines of contemporary spaces.

Old Brick Herringbone

Weaving warmth and nostalgia. This classic pattern, reminiscent of time-worn brick walkways, exudes a timeless charm. Its inviting character complements both traditional and modern architectural styles, adding a touch of cosy sophistication to your outdoor space.

Porcelain Stone

Embrace the allure of modern minimalism. This contemporary design opts for a clean and uniform pattern. The result? A sleek and sophisticated aesthetic that elevates your outdoor space. Imagine crisp lines and a seamless flow, creating a visually uninterrupted canvas for your modern design dreams. Porcelain Stone is the perfect choice for those seeking a touch of understated elegance, or those that crave a contemporary edge.

European Fan

A symphony of form and function. This captivating design breaks away from the ordinary with its radiating fan shapes. Each element flows outwards, creating visual intrigue. Its bold, geometric form can become a focal point, drawing the eye and adding a touch of drama to your outdoor space.

Split Rubblestone

Full of rustic charm. This captivating pattern takes the classic random stone aesthetic to a new level. Imagine a vibrant tapestry of natural stone fragments, each piece boasting a unique size and shape. The uneven texture adds tactility underfoot, while the colour variations create a visually engaging surface. Split Rubblestone is the perfect choice for those seeking a touch of rustic charm and timeless authenticity.

Old Englysh Cobblestone

Steeped in history, this pattern evokes the charm of times gone by. Imagine a path worn smooth by countless footsteps, each cobblestone whispering tales of the past. The antiqued finish, with its subtle imperfections and weathered texture, adds a layer of character that complements rustic or farmhouse-style homes beautifully.

Pacific Boardwalk

Imagine stepping onto a patio or walkway that exudes the charm of a natural wood path, minus the upkeep. Our Pacific Boardwalk translates the timeless beauty of wood planks into a stunning and practical solution for your outdoor space. But unlike traditional wood, Pattern Imprinted Concrete boasts superior functionality. The textured surface provides excellent slip resistance, increasing safety in wet weather.

And for those seeking further design variety, a collection of additional wood grain patterns is available.

Santa Barbara Tile

Craving a touch of sunshine? Look no further than Santa Barbara Tile. This unique pattern combines octagonal and square shapes containing a subtle round rosette, in a Mediterranean-inspired tile work pattern.

Santa Barbara Tile isn’t just about aesthetics; it’s about feeling the warmth of the sun and the carefree spirit of the Mediterranean. Transform your outdoor space into a sun-drenched haven and create lasting memories under your own slice of Mediterranean sky.

Caesar Skin

Caesar Skin offers the perfect solution for those who love the look of natural stone but want the convenience and durability of patterned concrete. This stunning pattern captures the essence of real stone with its layered texture and subtle colour variations.

Caesar Skin adds a touch of sophistication to any outdoor space, creating a lasting impression that complements a variety of styles.

Want to add something extra to their design? Not a problem! Pattern Imprinted Concrete can have extra features added such as borders and circles integrated into the design. Take a look at the images below to see a small selection of the features and borders possible.




Consider the overall style of their home: Choose a pattern that complements the overall design of the house, whether that be modern or more traditional.

Don’t be afraid to experiment: With so many options available, explore different patterns and colours to find the perfect match for your customers vision.

Seek professional advice: A reputable PICS-trained (see training for contractors here) contractor can guide you through the design selection process and ensure a flawless installation.


By following these tips and using this visual guide as a starting point, you can confidently choose the perfect Pattern Imprinted Concrete design to elevate the exterior of your clients home and create a stunning outdoor space they will love for years to come.